Pay only for Advertisements actually viewed by Site Visitors

Pay Per Click (PPC)

You have spent a lot of money and resources to get a great website in place to promote your business. But how will your potential audience come to know about your website. Here is where Pay Per Click (PPC) comes into the picture. Pay Per Click uses Search Engines to drive traffic to your web site.

PPC advertising displays your advertises to users when they are searching for the Products or Services that you are advertising, and so your advertisements reach targeted audience.

You would have probably seen advertisements shown on various sites that allow you to click on in and then directs you to their pages or websites etc. And every time you click on these advertisements and advertiser is charged for the click. There actual payment per click may vary from one or two rupees to hundreds of Rupees per click. The actual charge depends on the keyword being searched, its popularity/demand and various other factors. Here is where a properly planned PPC campaign strategy comes into the picture.

Two factors stand out; with PPC marketing you can grow your Customer Base and also generate more Leads at lower costs. When your customers or potential customers are actively searching for products and services you have an opportunity to display your products/services. And unlike Push Marketing like TV or News Paper Advertisements, you get to your audience when they are searching for it, and thus increasing the probability of success.

We help our clients to Manage their PPC campaigns effectively by understanding the clients business requirements thoroughly and then coming up with an appropriate strategy to plan and implement a PPC campaign in a most cost efficient and effective way.

Please do get in touch with us and our team will be happy to update you on the concepts/ options/ modalities and the most cost effective solutions for your campaigns.

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