Logos, Colors & Design help Stake Holders identify you

Brand Material Development

We help our clients with the design and development of their Company branding material, to truly reflect their company’s brand image. People typically recognize a company with its Logo, Branding Colors, eye catching design etc.

Whatever colors or design one chooses to finally project your company, one thing stands out loud and clear that you need to be consistent across platforms so that your audience identifies you without ambiguity on various platforms..

Typically all your digital media, be it Blogs, Website, Content Pages, Social Media content etc., may all share a similar look and feel. Similarly all your print media like your Brochures, Envelopes, Letter head, Stickers, Hologram Stickers etc., would normally share the same theme. This will help people identify your brand visually as well.

Same applies to your Applications/Apps. Whether you have an android application or an IOS application or you have a web Application the manages your business etc., it helps to have a consistent design, color scheme and work flow. However a particular workflow/UI (User Interface) on an IOS App experience, when implemented identically on an Android may not look or work as great or be equally intuitive. For example subtle variations in Navigation features may vary from IOS to Android, so just for the sake of being consistent across platforms one may not want to lose some of the great features available on some of these platforms.

If you are a new company or are looking to re-brand your company’s brand image do talk to our digital marketing consultants to develop an appropriate strategy for building your branding Image. We can guide you through the entire branding process right from Conceptualization, Strategy formation to Design, Development and Implementation of your brand presence.

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