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Cloud Migration Strategies

There could be a number of strategies to migrate your legacy or on-premise applications to the cloud.

Migrate Applications as is

Probably the simplest way to move to the cloud. This is easily done if your applications are already running on virtual machines. Then you can create Images of these virtual images and upload to the cloud servers.

There are many choices to me made here depending on how big your application is, size of database, network bandwidth requirements, security requirements etc. If there are a large number of users on the system and needs are going to grow very fast, then planning for scalability are all issues that one needs to consider.

A Strategy to Change a platform in use

This may be a scenario where you are running many dozens of servers, say for example using something like a java application container (that uses a expensive license) to something more cost effective like moving to Apache Tomcat etc. and then migrating the applications to this new platform. This may make it truly cost effective and help you make lot of savings in terms of licensing costs.

Changing the Application in use

Sometimes the cost involved in migrating legacy applications may not be cost effective, or even technically feasible, as the existing applications architecture may not be easily adaptable to the cloud scenario.

In such cases one may want to consider acquiring a compatible solution provided by some cloud solution provider and then migrate the existing database to connect to this application. (This is easier said then done, as this may involve work on restructuring the database schema to accommodate for the cloud solution providers schema.)

Scrapping Existing Application

This could also be one scenario, that may need consideration at times. Some very old applications, where it may not be worth the effort and cost to make changes to migrate to the existing application to cloud, because of the quantum of work involved in re-engineering for cloud migration.

In such cases sometimes it may be more cost effective and viable to scrap the existing applications and acquiring new applications or developing new applications.

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