Customer Relationship Management for Share Market Advisory

Biz CRM (Ver 3.0)

Biz CRM a cloud hosted software solution, (Currently Ver 3.0) is a Business Vertical Solution, Conceptualized, Designed & Developed by ITBIZCON PVT LTD. The Software solution caters to business needs of the Share Market Advisory Business, currently targeting Indian Businesses. The Software is hosted on Enterprise Class Cloud Servers, with near 100% uptime, automated backups and shadow copy etc.. Your data is 100%  safe.

Biz CRM not only takes care of your customer relationship, but is a vertical end to end solution that manages the entire Share Market Advisory Business. Starting right from Lead inputs, Lead Management to Call Management, Trial Management, Service management, Automatic publishing of the Advisory Calls to your  website etc., every aspect of the business can be managed efficiently and effectively using Biz CRM.

Typically any CRM endeavors to do the following, namely;

  • Ascertain Customer Needs
  • Record and Manage Customer Responses
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Customer relationship requirements vary from business to business. Getting a generic CRM and customizing it to the needs of any business and having a CRM designed from ground up for a specific business are two different things, and certainly the latter is a more appropriate and preferred solution.There’s no point in spending in CRM technology if you can’t get your workers to use it.

Our CRM solution, BIZ CRM (Ver 3.0) is a CRM solution designed and developed specifically for the Share Market Business from ground up. As of Version 3.0 now, we probably understand more about the Advisory Business than many people who actually run the Advisory Business, through our constant interaction with all our customers, analysis and continued research.

The key objective that we had in mind when developing this software was to ensure
the the following criteria is met, namely;

  • Have an Intuitive user interface, so that the user needs minimal or no training
  • Easy and smooth navigation, so that there is minimal data entry required
  • Automate as many functionalities as possible

In a nutshell what our BIZ CRM achieves, is that it will help your Advisory Business to record Customer Details, Manage Customers to provide them timely services and ensure customer satisfaction. In addition the system also allows administrators to manage your marketing/sales team in an efficient and accountable fashion. The real challenge for our system designers and developers was to make sure that all the complex functionalities required for the business are accommodated and at the
same time ensure that it is as easy as possible for anyone to use.

Key Features include multi-level security to ensure that the Software/Data cannot be accessed from outside your premises. Take a look at the list of some of the key features available on Biz CRM.

If you are in the Share Market Advisory Business please do get in touch with us and we will be happy to will be happy to give you an update.

CRM Features

Check the CRM Feature List

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