Education Leadership and Policy needs to facilitate Creative thinking which is a key component of 21st Century Skills

Training Education Administrators


Today in the 21st Century especially in the last decade with the explosive growth and use of technology the requirements of the work place skills have changed. As a consequence the needs of 21st Century Education are also changing. Students have access to so much of technology that the way students learn are also changing. But most Schools and Colleges are not able to cope up with the needs and demands of technology use.

To facilitate Teaching/ learning therefore teachers need to provided with sufficient opportunities to enable them to learn and keep pace with the use of Technology, and use of technology in the Teaching Learning Domain, facilitate developing Creative Thinking  and this can only happen if Education Administers take a leadership role to facilitate continuous and ongoing teacher training.

Therefore 21st century education administrators need to be effective instructional and technological leaders in their schools, actively participating in the selection and implementation of the tools teachers will use to engage students and improve the students learning experience. 21st century administrators should expect teachers to demonstrate use of Technology tools that facilitate the teaching learning process.

We train Education Administrators to be better equipped to understand needs of 21st century education and also prepare them to be better equipped to make informed decisions. We focus on the following key areas of training for Education Administrators

  • 21st century education needs and Strategic planning
  • Role of IT in the governance of Academic Institutions
  • Developing Concepts of Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Computer Aided Analysis & Decision making

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