If we teach today the way we were taught yesterday we will not be able to prepare students for the 21st Century

Technology Training for Educators

Pedagogy based training is the key to educating educators on the use of Technology for teaching. Our Educator training programs are centered around the four principles formulated by (Diaz, 2000; Diaz & Bontelbal, 2000) and summarized below :

  • Emphasize good teaching, not good technology
  • Focus training on application not construction
  • Made product development a team effort
  • Bring more training to the teachers, not the teachers to the training

We train educators on the use of technology to develop Critical skills required for students to prepare them for the 21st century workplace (The 4 C’s), namely :

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Communication
  • Collaboration



Diaz, D. P. & Bontenbal, K. F. (2000). Pedagogy-based technology training. In P. Hoffman, and D. Lemke (Eds.), Teaching and Learning in a Network World (pp. 50-54). Amsterdam, Netherlands: IOS Press.

Diaz, D. P. (2001, June). Four principles of technology training. Faculty Association of California Community Colleges Journal (FACCCTS), 9-10.

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