BIZCRM Features


What is Unique about BIZ CRM is that it not only allows you to manage you Customers but allows you manage you Share Market Advisory Business Process & Day to Day Operations, some of the Salient features are listed below (This list is by no means Exhaustive)

Trial Management

  • Set up Trials for Leads
  • Keep track of Follow ups
  • Disable Trials
  • Extend Trial Period

Target Management

  • Assign Targets to Employees
  • Monitor Target Achievement

Service Management

  • Set up Services for Customers
  • Keep track of Follow ups
  • Disable Services if there is a need
  • Extend Service Period
  • Manage Payments

Call Management

  • Raise First Call and set up follow up if needed
  • Auto Reminder for follow-ups when follow-ups are due

SMS Management

  • Automatic Template Creation on Product Creation
  • Category Wise Templates for Advisory Calls enable sending of Messages almost¬†instantaneously

Manage Leads

  • Bulk Upload Leads using Excel, CSV Files
  • Automatic Management of Invalid Leads
  • Facility to Manage Duplicate Numbers
  • Assign Leads to Operators
  • Un-assign Leads from Operators
  • Reassign Old Leads again to Same or Different Operators
  • Re-pool Old Leads as New Leads for Operators

Extensive Search Mechanism

  • Quick Search for most used Functionalities
  • Advanced & Sophisticated Search Mechanism

Approval Process

Approval process can be set up if required for

  • Trials
  • Services
  • Advisory Call Raise

Delegation of Customers to Other Operators

  • Delegate Customers to Colleagues/Seniors in the event you need help with Specific Customers
  • Communicate with one person or
  • Communicate with a list of selected persons


  • In-build Messenger to communicate with colleagues within your organization

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