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Cloud Hosted Solutions


What is the Cloud all about? Cloud computing simply refers to delivery of hosted services over the internet. Cloud computing involves providing dynamically scalable and visualized resources as a service over the Internet. Cloud server hosting services are invariably delivered from a cluster of network connected web servers. Typically the payments are based on as Service model, where you pay as per your usage.

If your organization’s business needs require the use of Enterprise Software Applications, then Cloud Computing is the direction to go. Cloud computing solutions typically comprises of three major components.


  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)

    • In an IaaS model, a third-party service providers hosts hardware, software, servers, storage and other infrastructure components on behalf of its users. IaaS providers also host users’ applications and handle tasks including system maintenance, backup and recovery plans etc..


  • PAAS (Platform as a Service)

    • Platform as a Service typically allows users to create software applications using tools supplied by the service provider. PaaS services mayconsist of pre-configured features that customers can subscribe to. Customers can typically choose to include the features that meet their requirements while discarding those that do not. PAAS components may include; Operating systems, Server-side scripting environment, Database management system, Server Software etc..


  • SAAS (Sofware as a Service)

    • SaaS, or Software as a Service, describes any cloud service where consumers are able to access software applications over the internet. The applications are hosted in “the cloud”. Google, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr are all examples of SaaS, with users able to access the services via any internet enabled device.

Cloud computing technology provides the following benefits;

  •  Centralized storage on redundant servers
  •  Efficient and cost effective with optimal utilization of memory, processors and bandwidth utilization
  •  Reduce the overhead cost of server hardware and other applications
  •  Fault Tolerance and High Availability feature
  •  Scalable to the growing needs.

All of our own Company’s Software & Data etc., is hosted on the cloud. We develop and host Enterprise solutions and we do not have a single in house Server in our Company. All that we have in house are Laptops for all our employees and high speed Internet Connections. We Develop on the Software on the Cloud, host software on the Cloud and Deploy Customers Applications & Data on the Cloud.  One of our Flag Ship products an Enterprise Software for the Share Market Advisory Business is hosted on Redundant Enterprise Cloud Servers, fully Scalable and with near hundred percent uptime.

We encourage Organizations to move towards Cloud Solutions by providing consultancy services to help Organizations to make informed decisions on the choice of Solutions.

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